Fire safety

Good fire safety management is essential for keeping people safe from fire, but will also have benefits for property preservation and business continuity reasons.

Organisations have duties under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRFSO) to prevent fires and protect people from the effects of a fire. Henderson Risk Management assists in all aspects of fire safety to help companies put in place preventive and protective measures to meet these duties.

Fire Risk Assessments

Our team of qualified Risk Managers will carry out fire risk assessments as required by the RRFSO to identify the fire precautions required for a client’s premises. The format for the fire risk assessment will follow the nationally recognised PAS79:2012 or will be in a format designed to meet a client’s specific requirements.

Fire Emergency Procedures

An organisation’s fire emergency procedures need to be specific to the building and the type of people present. Our Risk Managers will work with the client to develop bespoke fire emergency procedures taking account of features of the building and any special requirements of the people who may need to evacuate the building.


An organisation’s fire safety preventative and precautionary measures will only be effective if there are trained and competent personnel in place. Henderson Risk Management can train employees in specific duties such as being a fire warden or assist with fire safety induction training of general fire awareness training.

Fire Evacuation Drills

Fire drills should be practised annually or sometimes more frequently to ensure the fire emergency procedures are effective and staff are trained in these procedures. Our Risk Managers can assist in carrying out the evacuation drills and in developing various fire emergency scenarios, deliver a debrief to fire wardens after the drill and provide a fire drill report.

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