Case Studies

Runaway EL Claims at Electronics Factory

CRS was approached by an employer's liability underwriter experiencing a severe deterioration in claims experience with what had previously been a business with an excellent claims history. CRS consultants clarified the root cause of the problem and worked with the underwriter and his Japanese client to develop solutions that mitigated workplace risk, and to implement comprehensive accident investigation procedures. Successful implementation was achieved through training for supervisors, managers and on-going audits.

SafetyShare© 1

Having recruited and trained several Health and Safety Officers, only for them to then hand in their notice, our building services group client turned to CRS SafetyShare for a long-term solution to their health and safety support requirements.

Originally a one-day-per-month service two years ago, this has now been extended at the clients request to include additional certified training, audits, and assistance with completion of client survey questionnaires.

Business Acquisition Causes Re-insurance Headache

An underwriter was advised by his largest and most important client that they intended to purchase an operating chemical facility in the Netherlands. The size and nature of the plant exceeded the underwriter's capacity, but the client was pressing for a firm quote on future premium. A CRS consultant was able to visit the site and deliver a report to the underwriter within days. Re-insurance costs were obtained and the underwriter was able to deliver a prompt response to the client's request.

Annual Audit Programme Leads to Dramatically Improved Standards

Since 1995, a leading UK retailer has undertaken an annual health, safety and fire survey programme at all of its stores and distribution warehouses. CRS consultants have worked on this account from the start, progressively and dramatically driving up standards and developing the competences of local management to mange their own risks. Recently, our software toolkit CRS Risk© has been purchased, and this is enabling a more strategic overview at senior level.

International 'Blue Chip' Seeks Performance Indicators for Premium Allocation

A UK-based Risk Manager wanted to determine the quality of risk management at his numerous global locations. Concerned that his only performance indicators were retrospective claims, CRS consultants worked in conjunction with the Risk Manager and his team to develop a bespoke methodology to evaluate the risk management standards at each location.

The programme was used as a benchmark to compare all twenty-seven sites, and set targets to achieve improvements for each location. As an incentive for improvement, a premium allocation model was developed which apportioned premium by audit scores. The system has not only assisted in improving the claims performance, but has also been used to raise the profile of risk management throughout the organisation's operating subsidiaries.

Outsourced Survey Department

A leading International Insurer, had established needs for surveying of its risk book, at inception and periodically afterwards. It decided that rather than having a fixed employed resource to service a very seasonal survey demand, it outsourced its survey department to CRS, achieving continued quality and a considerable cost saving.

Revitalising Health & Safety at Largest Police Force Outside of the Met'

When in 2001, this Police Force re-established a health and safety department, it turned to its former risk management partner CRS to assist. Our knowledge and experience in the sector enabled us to get to work quickly. A broad programme of management training (of Police Authority and Police Force officers and civilians) has quickly restored high standards, and further improvements are now anticipated.

The Force has good relations with its trades unions, and the senior TU officers have successfully attended our NEBOSH Certificate courses, bringing management and representatives even closer together.

Collaboration with Leading Educational Establishment Brings Training Excellence to Engineer

CRS, working under a collaborative joint venture agreement with a major UK educational establishment, provides the technical where-with-all, and tutorial resources to deliver an International, certified H, S & E training programme to a major North American Engineering Group with 60,000 employees.

SafetyShare© 2

Our second SafetyShare case study features a medium-sized regional building society.
Its needs were straightforward - give us health and safety compliance in our low-risk multi-site environment at minimum cost and with the minimum of fuss. We need someone to call for help when we need it, and someone to work occasionally with our senior team to stimulate best practice ideas.

CRS quickly undertook a gap analysis using our 'Healthcheck' service and a prioritised plan for the full year was agreed within the financial budget available. The target for the end of the first year will be to win a National Safety Award.

HSE plans 11,000-plus workplace inspections and investigations for 2017

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