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Course Overview

The Level 3 NVQ in Occupational Health and Safety is suitable for those whose role includes the area of general health and safety. Many managers and supervisors are involved in the assessment of risks, the identification of hazards and determining strategies for control. No specific prior qualifications, learning or experience are required for candidates undertaking this qualification. However, the nature of the learning required for the qualification is such that candidates will need basic literacy and numeracy skills. Candidates will also need to be able to organise written information clearly and coherently.

Target audience

The Level 3 NVQ in Occupational Health and Safety is a qualification, designed for candidates who are not health, safety and environment professionals but who are involved in health and safety in their workplace and workplaces other than their own.

This qualification is about being competent in your work – being able to do something and to provide evidence that you understand why it is done that way.

Assessment process

The Level 3 NVQ is made up of a number of different units of competence. Each unit describes the standards of a broad area of work that a competent person should be able to perform.

There is a Unit Summary which describes what the unit is about and clarifies key words and phrases. Each unit is broken down into a number of elements. Taken together the elements show what needs to be done to achieve the whole unit.

The elements will include information about:-

  • The standards of performance expected
  • The types of evidence which you will need to produce
  • There may be range statements which show the depth and breadth of the evidence you are required to produce
  • The knowledge required

Those undertaking NVQs are expected to upload their evidence onto a website called ‘Learning Assistant’. Appropriate advice, guidance and practical support with Learning Assistant will be made available to all NVQ candidates during a defined learning support period. All work submitted will be assessed on-line with electronic feedback provided afterwards. Advantages of this approach include; timely learning support and assessment of work, more secure storage and easier retrieval of evidence and reports, speedy access to advice and support.

Mandatory Units

  • 601 - Make sure your own actions reduce risks to health and safety
  • 602 - Develop procedures to safety control work operations
  • 603 - Monitor procedures to safety control work operations
  • 604 - Promote a health and safety culture within the workplace
  • 606 - Conduct a health and safety risk assessment of a workplace

Plus 2 of the Optional Units

  • 605 - Investigate and evaluate health and safety incidents and complaints in the workplace
  • 607 - Make sure your actions within the workplace aim to protect the environment
  • 608 - Review health and safety procedures in workplaces
  • 609 - Supervise the health, safety and welfare of a learner in the workplace
  • 610 - Basic hazard awareness (knowledge unit)

This is a distance learning course only, you can start the programme at any time.

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